The Team

We'd like you to know something about each of us and to feel welcome to contact any of us any time.

  • Andy Thomas
  • Chris Stokes
  • Charlotte Smith
  • Hannah Jackson
  • Sonal Chauhan
  • Claire Lahana
  • Will Ryan
  • Becky Pilkington
  • Michael Quest
  • Vicky Power
  • Jono McGlashan
  • Rachel Blake
  • Alex Nicholls

Lester is a law & psychology graduate who has spent over a decade recruiting into the London finance market. After a successful 6 years with Michael Page, Lester was the first one to take the plunge and join Allen Lane in 2005 and has never looked back. Lester is a Director within Allen Lane and he specialises in Government and Industry finance.

Known in the office as: Thrifty

Unofficially: Lester loves his cricket and once accidentally hit Courtney Walsh for 6 and he has also run out two former Test cricket captains whilst batting with them. Lester can't swim or drive. Lester is also renowned for his trousers which are always too short. Keep an eye out for this.

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Gayle Davenport

Business Director at Allen Lane London, United Kingdom

Gayle graduated in corporate communications majoring in public relations and industrial psychology in South Africa. She joined Allen Lane in 2005 and is fundamentally involved in ensuring that both candidates and clients of Allen Lane receive the best levels of service at all times.

Known in the office as: Gayley

Unofficially: Gayle keeps everything together in the office and is always missed when she's away. At karaoke, Gayle will always be seen holding the mike but never a tune. Only she has ever heard herself hit the right note (once).

Ben is an economics & politics graduate and trained as an accountant with BDO Stoy Hayward. Ben went to register with one of the largest global recruitment firms as an accountant and was snapped up to become a recruitment consultant. After becoming their youngest ever manager, Ben jointly set up Allen Lane in 2004 and he even holds the accolade of youngest ever director of Allen Lane!

Known in the office as: Lano

Unofficially: Ben once played international tennis and his squash record against his business partner is something like 192-1 in his favour. A notorious workaholic, he often logs-in on weekends and when he can't sleep at night. He even logged-in everyday when he was on his honeymoon!

Nicola is a German and business graduate and has spent over 10 years in recruitment. Initially based in her homeland of Scotland, Nicola moved to London and joined Michael Page in 2000. After 6 years with them, including 3 years as a senior manager, she joined Allen Lane in 2006.

Nicola concentrates on interim NHS finance appointments and leads the Allen Lane finance and human resources businesses.

Known in the office as: Buddy / Brooksy

Unofficially: Nicola's sister has played the lead role in Les Miserables but Nicola is anything but miserable. Famed for her positivity and energy, Nicola is definitely a 'glass is half full' type of girl which is what she says when it's her round!

James is a sociology graduate and after university, he immediately moved into recruitment joining Michael Page Finance on their graduate training programme. After seven very successful years with the public sector team, culminating in senior management, James parted company to jointly set up Allen Lane in 2004. James has always specialised in senior permanent resourcing and has established an excellent network of people across public sector finance.

Known in the office as: Jim / Jimmy / Jimbo

Unofficially: James has often been mistaken for Easyjet's founder but assures us that he has no Cypriot heritage and insists he's more Robbie Williams than Stelios. He loves his football and often makes the bench for Kingston Academicals.

Graduating in history and politics, Liam worked for American Express in credit analysis for two years before moving into financial recruitment in May 2000. He played a key role in developing the Venn Group's financial services team before leaving them in 2005 to go travelling. He joined Allen Lane in 2006 and is now leading the local government, education and housing teams.

Known in the office as: Farnky

Unofficially: Liam is passionate about Billy Joel, scuba diving and clothing. Regarding himself as something of a fashion icon, his ideal job would be to model for Abercrombie & Fitch but they tend to take on a slightly different calibre of model. In spite of this, Liam will always be seen strutting in the hope that he gets talent spotted one day.

Beth is a history graduate and entered the world of recruitment immediately after university, joining Badenoch & Clark's interim finance division. After seven years with B&C, including five as senior manager, Beth went travelling before joining Allen Lane in 2007. Beth leads the charities division within Allen Lane covering all financial and human resources appointments.

Known in the office as: Betty

Unofficially: Beth plays the classical guitar and has an intense fear of heights after being stuck at the top of a rollercoaster ride for over an hour before being rescued. Beth is the sarcastic one in the office.

Nicole is a sociology graduate and after working in event management following university, she travelled around Thailand before joining Allen Lane in 2007. Nicole specialises in temporary NHS recruitment. Her previous experience in event management ensures her commitment to outstanding customer service with candidates and clients alike.

Known in the office as: Princess / Mozza

Unofficially: Nicole has lived in London all of her life but she has never been south of the river. Nicole is famed for her 'Nicoleisms' and has won the title 'Most Inquisitive Person on the planet' several years running.

Alex graduated in agri-business management before moving into recruitment, joining Witan Jardine in 1999. After five very successful years with them, he left to travel and work in Australia where he continued his recruitment career before returning to London and joining Allen Lane in Spring 2008. Alex specialises in the NHS where he recruits senior interims.

Known in the office as: J.R. Hartley / Lex

Unofficially: Alex loves his museums and geographical excursions and is a National Trust member. He is also an avid photographer coming second in a national amateur competition. Alex has been sung to by the lead singer of the Lighthouse Family and when wearing a hat has been mistaken for Woody from Toy Story.

Steve was instrumental in establishing the public sector recruitment businesses for ECHM and Synergy where his focus was recruiting mainly qualified accountants. Having built a strong customer focused reputation in the sector with both candidates and clients over 6 years, Steve was recruited by Allen Lane in summer 2008 to focus on senior interim and project management recruitment within the Local Government team.

Known in the office as: Stevo

Unofficially: Steve used to work as an air steward and once served Princess Margaret on a KLM flight. Steve has a vast collection of hotel garments.

Tessa Addison

Business Manager - Payroll & Operations at Allen Lane London, United Kingdom

Tessa is a human resources graduate from South Africa and also holds a post graduate diploma in teaching. Tessa joined Allen Lane in summer 2008 as a Research Consultant to provide front line support to the recruitment team. Tessa's is the first Allen Lane voice that many prospective clients and candidates will hear when contacting Allen Lane.

Known in the office as: Tess

Unofficially: Tess is the most reserved person in the office never letting her feelings be shown but we did discover that she is a big fan of Denzel Washington and South African cricketer AB DeVilliers

David is a business management graduate who joined the Allen Lane team in spring 2009. He spent three years at Hays Accountancy where he specialised within the public sector and became one of the most successful consultants within the division. He maintains his focus on permanent qualified recruitment across the public and not-for-profit sectors.

Known in the office as: Godders

Unofficially: David used to earn his living as a poker player and his mother once played bass guitar in a band with Worzel, former lead guitarist of heavy metal rockers Motorhead.

Maurice joined Hudson's London office in October 2005 to set up the permanent public sector team before gaining additional responsibility for the qualified commerce and industry permanent function and latterly the temporary public and not for profit team managing around 9 staff. He joined Allen Lane in September 2009 as the head of permanent recruitment.

Known in the office as: Maureece (which he detests), Norris, Doris and occasionally Mo (which he likes).

Unofficially: Maureece is a sports nut, a regular dislocator of [both] shoulders and is that rare breed of Mancunian Manchester United fan. Before recruitment, Maureece lived in Argentina for a year and flirted with a career in TV production which included 6 months on Popstars:The Rivals persuading Louis Walsh that a young Cheryl Tweedy really would be a success in Girls Aloud.

Adrian is a Marketing graduate who joined Michael Page on their graduate scheme. Specialising in the public sector permanent market for over 3 years, Adrian developed a glowing reputation for delivery, customer service and a long term commitment to the careers of finance professionals in the sector. With a proven track record and specialism established, he joined Allen Lane in early 2010 to specialise in senior permanent NHS assignments.

Known in the office as: Puds, Wattsy

Unofficially: Adrian believes his life to have been uneventful in spite of being accident prone. He joins the Allen Lane Spurs supporters club (which has now grown to three) and has in the past pipped former Manchester United's Luke Chadwick to a Man of the match award when they played at primary school - winning a pound in the process! Chadwick got his own back when he beat Adrian in a 'beauty parade'.

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Katharyn Natynczuk

Recruitment Coordinator at Allen Lane London, United Kingdom

Graduating from Newcastle University with a degree in History, Katharyn is from a small village in Worcestershire, and never gets tired of explaining to people where it is, or how to pronounce her surname. After trying her hand at Landscape Architecture (no one knows what this is either), and working for a small production company, Katharyn is excited to join the growing team at Allen Lane.

Known in the office as: KitKat

Unofficially: Despite achievements such as being able to touch her nose with her tongue, having a canal boat named after her and owning a metre of the moon, Katharyn remains grounded and is not big headed in the slightest.

Andy is Allen Lane's second graduate from the University of Wales, Swansea. A Devon lad, he moved to London following graduation and joined Morgan Hunt, where he specialised in finance recruitment into the Not-For-Profit sectors. Following a successful 18 months there, he joined Allen Lane to build on his knowledge and reputation as a dedicated and passionate recruiter and specialise specifically in recruiting to the Housing and Education sectors.

Known in the office as: Buble

Unofficially: Andy's joining has made a serious challenge to Pete's assertion that he is the office's best footballer, having played at the old Wembley in his early 'career'. He likes to think of himself as pretty active despite spending more time talking about the gym than actually going, although this has changed recently when he realised he was starting to look like a pudgy version of Michael Buble. Andy also has a fear of karaoke, which probably wasn't the most sensible thing to tell us...

Chris graduated from Kings College London in Computer Science and Maths and before joining Allen Lane worked for Barclays, Fujitsu and Methods Consulting. Chris specialises in all aspects of public sector bidding, and supports the account teams by ensuring customers can engage our candidates through frameworks, preferred supplier lists and through master vendors. Chris also provides commercial and legal support to the team.

Known in the office as: Rocky, Stokesy

Unofficially: Chris was born on 1st April and so his reputation as a bit of a practical joker is very fitting. He is also deadly serious about winning business, having once spent 96 hours straight working on a major bid. Outside work, Chris plays guitar, preaches at his local church and likes to spend time at his holiday home in Turkey.

Charlotte is Law graduate from the University of Manchester. Having previously worked in customer service and event management, she decided a career in recruitment was well suited to her inquisitive and driven nature. Charlotte joined Allen Lane in late 2012 and specialises in recruiting NHS interims.

Known in the office as: Charles, Smithy, Lottie

Unofficially: Although Charlotte has been part of award-winning sports and music teams; once being asked to perform for Prince Charles, she feels her biggest achievement was winning a custom made ‘Tony Blair’ award –for her habit of talking with over-emphasised hand gestures.

Hannah Jackson

Local Government Recruitment Co-ordinator at Allen Lane London, United Kingdom

Hannah studied Psychology at Josephine Butler College, Durham University. After graduation, she spent a year teaching English to primary school children in Southern France and then undertook voluntary work before moving to full time office employment as an Administrator for a London engineering firm. She joined Allen Lane’s Operations Team early in 2013 to work on customer administration.

Known in the office as: Montana, Jacko, ‘Spannah’

Unofficially: Hannah loves travelling and languages and her affinity with all things French and Italian is used as justification for her love of food and wine. She also has many stories of cultural faux pas from her adventures in different countries and cannot escape the inevitable blonde moments that come her way. With a Psychology degree and an ability to teach the most immature of minds, Hannah is well placed to influence her Allen Lane colleagues.

Sonal Chauhan

Recruitment Co-ordinator at Allen Lane London, United Kingdom

Sonal is a Film and TV Studies graduate. She spent 6 years in Retail Sales before entering the recruitment world in 2006 when she joined Michael Page. Her role at Michael Page was looking after the candidate management cycle and providing a support service to consultants and candidates. She joined Allen Lane in 2013 as a Recruitment Coordinator.

Known in the office as: Donald, Princess, Shifty*

Unofficially: As a child, Sonal was something of a prodigy and the word ‘genius’ was mentioned to her parents. However, this has not prevented some latter day ‘Sonalisms’ including the following quotes: “If Australia is only 9 hours ahead, why does it take 24 hours to fly there?” and “Some things you learn at school and you just remember them; like Henry VIII had 8 wives” and “Isn’t it dangerous to put water on fire?” This last quote is of particular concern as Sonal has been her company’s Fire Warden for the past 7 years. Sonal has her own make-up business and website. Like several others within the Allen Lane team, she has a passion for Vegas and Ibiza and apparently is not quite the ‘social butterfly’ but more the ‘party animal’

*The artist formerly known as ‘Shifty’ has rebranded himself and wants to pass on this nickname to Sonal

Claire is a Sociology and History Graduate and also holds a Post Graduate diploma in Enterprise Management from Rhodes University in South Africa. Previously Claire has worked for a boutique recruitment company in South Africa and has recently joined us from Hays. Claire is the candidate manager for the HR team and focuses on building and maintaining relationships with new and existing candidates.

Known in the office as: Lahana, LALA

Unofficially: Growing up in rural Botswana, one would believe Claire to be one of the typical “outdoorsy”, nature types. Yet in reality, Claire excels best in her natural environment, deep within the arid plains of central London, usually in Wimbledon, and we suspect most likely at a “braai” or a nearby Walkabout bar!

Will is a Forensic Science graduate who started his recruitment career at Venn Group in 2005 where he was responsible for helping to set up and establish one of their Public Sector teams. He has specialised in the Public Sector Finance arena ever since, developing an impressive track record in the permanent Finance market. He joined Allen Lane’s permanent recruitment team in July 2013.

Known in the office as: Moyesey (started work the same day as David Moyes), Big Willy, Little Willy, Willy

Unofficially: Will likes to think of himself as a man’s man being a keen rugby player and the Allen Lane DIY expert spending many a summer evening staring at the barbeque he built with his own bare hands.

Becky is an Anatomy and Human Biology graduate from the University of Liverpool. After graduating with a 1st in 2008, Becky has focused her career on working with the NHS. Having started her career in recruitment, she made the move into Pharmaceutical Sales working closely with Consultants and Clinicians, but has returned to bring her knowledge and relationships to our NHS interim recruitment team. Having both volunteered for and worked alongside the NHS, she has a special interest in the sector.

Known in the office as: Bex, Pilkers, Pilko

Unofficially: Loving to travel, Becky has visited six of the seven continents, taking in as many as fifty countries along the way. Being something of a science geek, she likes to relax by reading her favourite science journals. Her particular interests are space and particle physics which is really useful in the world of financial recruitment. It is suspected that she mistook Allen Lane for Virgin Galactic, also based in 50 Pall Mall.

Michael graduated with a Law degree from the University of Newcastle. He subsequently joined Michael Page Finance’s graduate scheme and after a couple of years specialising in finance recruitment into industry & commerce he joined the Allen Lane team in 2013. Michael specialises in permanent recruitment into the Education and Arts sectors.

Known in the office as: Questy, Laser

Unofficially: 'Questy' prides himself in being able to eat a Dominos 2 for 1 deal to himself. He rides a motorbike that is forbidden on UK motorways as it violently rattles when it notches past 30mph. Having provided this ‘unofficial information’, we suspect he may also have delivered pizzas at some point in his career.

Following graduation, Vicky has spent the last 10 years recruiting procurement professionals into the public and private sector, most recently leading Purcon's Interim Procurement Practice. When we decided to focus on developing a new bespoke Procurement Division, Vicky was the perfect choice and we were delighted when she decided to accept the challenge. Her focus is now to carefully take the strong client base we have developed in Finance and HR and develop an outstanding Procurement Practice to match.

Known in the office as: The Power

Unofficially: If she's not cycling through the New Forest (which is likely, since it's only happened once) then you're likely to catch Vicky either complaining about what time she has to get up in the morning, eating tinned fruit or shouting constructive advice at the London Irish Front row. If you're interested in furthering your career in procurement, then give The Power a call – and see if you can get a word in edgeways.

Jono graduated from the University of Auckland's Business School in New Zealand, relocating to London shortly after. After joining a fresh start-up Graduate Recruitment and Training consultancy in 2012 as its first employee, he has recently joined the Allen Lane team, now specialising in permanent NHS assignments.

Known in the office as: Jonjo

Unofficially: Originally from the land of the sheep, Jono is the first antipodean to walk the streets of Pall Mall, and as a typical All Blacks fan he regularly demoralizes his fellow English colleagues with classic Kiwi banter. Although you'll find him looking sharp at work, you'll never catch him out of a 'singlet' (vest), shorts and 'jandals' (flip flops) on a weekend, rain or shine.

Rachel has over 12 years experience in recruitment and has worked on both the agency and client side. Having started her career at Hays recruiting Accountants in North London, Rachel moved to the City to recruit into Financial Services. During her time in the City, Rachel worked onsite at JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and most recently at Bank of America as a Recruitment Manager before joining Allen Lane as a Business Manager specialising in HR. Having worked as a hiring manager, bringing in approximately 150 staff per year, she has an understanding of the recruitment roles and demands of the HR Manager.

Known in the office as: Bunion (ask her why)

Unofficially: Rachel claims to have had nothing interesting happen in her life. She believes there are no skeletons in her wardrobe, unusual talents or noteworthy anecdotes in her past. She hates driving after a pedestrian ‘walked into her car’ as she was driving down her road (the pedestrian was unharmed) and refuses to drive on motorways after a Central Reservation cut her up when she was trying to undertake it... She has however, managed to overtake Nicole as the most inquisitive person in the office.

Alex graduated with a degree in philosophy from the University of Warwick before starting her career within the world of technology recruitment on an international scale. The lure of Allen Lane, and specifically interim HR recruitment within the NHS space was too great for her to resist and she joined us in the summer of 2014.

Known in the office as: Lexie, [AN] Other

Unofficially: Alex is threatening some of her longer-standing counterparts with title of Allen Lane 'most girly girl'. Her weekends are rarely complete without at least one outing involving shopping, lunching with friends and getting her nails done. Despite this, she has never seen classic chick flicks such as Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman and recently won an Allen Lane Dominos pizza-eating contest, so we think that she has some way to go to win this particular crown.