The public and not for profit sectors have overcome some significant profile issues over the last decade. Initially perceived as old fashioned and bureaucratic the sectors aggressively expanded during the last Government's tenure and are now experiencing a period of consolidation. As much as the sectors have experienced a rapid period of change, it remains a more and more appealing area for some of the better finance professionals as they want to work in a sector which has an impact on everyday life.

Allen Lane has witnessed all of this change and remain fully committed to the sector as our main business area.


Government departments increased in size and scope swiftly under the previous Labour government but have gone through a period of quiet under the Coalition leadership. Some responsibilities have been allocated to local authorities and certain projects have been postponed as the present government has streamlined departments to add greater focus and deliver efficiency savings. Recruitment now is starting to gather pace again and many are attracted to working in an area which directly addresses issues such as improving the economy, international development, better policing/justice and education.

Allen Lane has established an extensive network within central government departments, agencies and NDPBs. This arena has been the bedrock of our establishment and our Government Procurement Service Non Permanent Finance & Audit Staff approved supplier status has led to a number of preferred agreements with government organisations.


Lester Fernando - 020 7101 8800 (temporary/contract recruitment)

Maurice Goldstone - 0203 031 9630 (permanent recruitment)

Local authorities remain a crucial part of public life and face unique challenges, from constantly trying to offer better value for money in line with central government directives and councillors' election promises to investing money and managing assets on behalf of the community.

Allen Lane has established a market leading profile within local government finance. We have a regular presence at CIPFA & GAS events and run networking sessions which have continued to attract the cream of senior talent across the sector from senior professional interims to chief executives and executive directors of resources and finance.

Allen Lane has over 120 contractors currently working in local government. As preferred suppliers to over 20 London boroughs as well as over 50 affiliated local government organisations, Allen Lane is the first port of call and most trusted method of recruitment for hundreds of professionals working throughout London councils and beyond.


Liam Farncombe - 020 7101 8806 (temporary/contract recruitment)

Steve McKenzie - 020 3031 9625 (temporary/contract recruitment)

Will Ryan 020 3031 9635 (permanent recruitment)

As Europe's largest employer, the NHS comes under constant scrutiny from the media and public, making it subject to political comment and potential changes. Recently, new plans and high profile reviews of proposed changes by the Coalition Government are altering the structure of the organisation more than at any time in the past.

Allen Lane has substantially developed its delivery to the NHS in recent times by bringing further resources to the team. As the sector continues to change and develop, becoming more efficient in its operations, opportunities exist in a range of roles across finance, commissioning, information, performance and HR. If you are an experienced NHS interim/contractor or a strong financial or HR professional looking to broaden your experience by stepping into the sector please call one of the team to discuss how we can help.

Current changes with commissioning structures with the greater responsibility of GPs, in addition to hospitals having to find greater efficiencies, are all creating work levels above the norm for NHS teams. These factors are maintaining a keen level of demand in the interim market. With Trusts pursuing long term strategies and seeking to consolidate improvements there are also permanent opportunities.


Nicola Brooks - 020 7101 8803 (temporary/contract recruitment)

Alex Evans - 020 3031 9624 (temporary/contract recruitment)

Nicole Morris - 020 3031 9621 (temporary/contract recruitment)

Adrian Watts - 020 7101 8807 (permanent recruitment)

The charity sector is a major part of the UK economy. With a total income of approximately £50 billion and a workforce of over 600,000 employees, it is a bigger employer than the UK's banks and building societies. Allen Lane has become the market leading charity sector financial recruiter over the last 2 years, having become a preferred supplier to Cancer Research UK, Amnesty International, Save the Children, Action for Children, NSPCC and the Royal British Legion.

With a wealth of experience, Allen Lane recruits charity finance professionals on an interim, temporary and permanent basis. Working across the sector we have established an excellent reputation of delivering a quality service based on experience and market knowledge. With an extensive network of contacts ranging from the smaller local organisations to the super-brands of the sector, our passion and expertise makes us the first port of call for many.


Beth Young - 020 7101 8809 (temporary/contract recruitment)

David Godfrey - 0203 031 9627 (permanent recruitment)

The housing sector is facing a number of financial challenges given the current housing slump but housing associations are better placed than most to meet the current financial challenges. Over the last 20 years, housing associations have operated the most successful public-private partnership on record - levering in £50bn of private finance in return for £40bn of public investment. With the underlying income stream from social rent and increased flexibility from partners and stakeholders, the sector will continue successfully to deliver new homes and strong communities in times of economic downturn.

Allen Lane has partnered a number of social housing organisations, recruiting finance professionals on an interim, temporary and permanent basis. We recruit across finance and project departments and have established an excellent reputation of delivering to our client's requirements, focusing on the transferable commercial skills rather than pigeon holing to sector experience.

Allen Lane has hosted housing executive networking events, currently sponsors the industry leading housing finance event in London, run by the National Housing Federation and has a far reaching and growing network of contacts within the sector.


Will Ryan - 0203 031 9635 (permanent recruitment)

Andy Thomas 020 3031 9620 (temporary/contract recruitment)

The education sector is traditionally divided into three main areas - school education, further education, and higher education and affects every single one of us. It is also a sector that consistently attracts some of the Public Sector's most creative and innovative thinkers and brightest minds.

Our most prestigious education bodies are facing constant market challenges as they strive to grow and improve. There is a genuine push towards attracting and retaining the very best finance professionals to improve communication lines and bridge the gaps that exist in skill-set, experience and understanding between the finance functions and the Divisions, Directorates and Faculties alongside which they work. Consequently, careers can be both challenging and, as one is often afforded both a good work life balance and excellent pension scheme, highly rewarding.

Allen Lane has worked in partnership with a number of the top institutions, sourcing several key finance individuals to help our clients overcome this period of uncertainty and financial instability. Our approach to the recruitment and the consultative manner in which we have operated has led to much repeat, retained and exclusive business.

In short, the education sector offers you the chance to work in high profile businesses and to influence future generations.


Liam Farncombe - 020 7101 8806 (temporary/contract recruitment)

Michael Quest 020 3031 9638 (permanent recruitment)