Corporate Social Responsibility

Established in 2012 as the charitable arm of Allen Lane Interim & Permanent Recruitment, the Allen Lane Trust financially supports deprived, sick and needy individuals in the UK. These people, often individuals who are still young and trying to develop their lives, simply do not have the opportunities that many of us take for granted.

The Allen Lane Trust is looking to help these people enjoy a better life through fundraising, volunteering and financial support.

Below is a collection of photos from various fundraising activities and initiatives that Allen Lane staff have participated in whilst fundraising for their chosen charities.

No organisation is perfect, and Allen Lane is no exception. We recognise that we consume more than we should, that we waste more than we should and that we contribute directly to the problems that now face the planet, both locally and globally.

With this very much in mind, we have instituted an energy and waste programme across our premises that is not simply a management edict, but that has the full and enthusiastic support of our team. We are reducing our use of paper, and sorting and recycling wherever possible. As we replace lights and similar consumables, we now opt for optimum energy efficiency over cost. We purchase Oyster cards for all of our staff to encourage the use of public transport, instead of cabs or driving.

Our electrical equipment is being labelled with efficiency reminders to turn down or switch off wherever possible and practical. We are also paying attention to our supply chain, and trying to make informed, environmentally responsible purchasing and supply decisions. Already, we have reduced packaging by about 40% and we recycle at least a further 40%.

In terms of Social Responsibility, as a team we have decided to work more frequently with charities and raise more money for them. All of our 23 staff have been tasked with raising 1,000 for a charity or charities of their choice through a range of events or challenges. Once this is achieved, Allen Lane will double the amount raised which doubles the amount given to the charities. Our current events include a London to Paris bike ride, various 10k and half marathon runs, 4 rounds in a day golfing challenge and a three peaks challenge.

As we stated at the outset - Allen Lane is not a perfect organisation - but with the commitment of our people and a clear vision of how we must shoulder our social and environmental responsibilities, we have already made real progress and intend to make much more.

Below are some of the charities that Allen Lane has supported since 2010.